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Shopify Integration
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Advanced reports
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SDK & API Integration
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Meta Conversion API
"Invaluable for e-commerce: seamless Shopify integration, insightful analytics, and top-notch support from the team. It revolutionized our marketing approach."
Hoodoo Brand


Can Trackey surveys be customized
to match my brand?

Yes, Trackey allows complete customization of surveys to align with your brand’s style and tone. You can modify colours, fonts, and layout to create a seamless customer experience.

Is Trackey compatible with mobile devices?

Absolutely! Trackey is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, ensuring customers can easily access and complete surveys on any device.

What insights can I gain from Trackey’s AI analysis?

Trackey's AI-powered analysis provides deep insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and trends. It helps you understand feedback patterns, customer satisfaction levels, and areas for improvement in your eCommerce business.

Does Trackey support post-purchase surveys?

Yes, Trackey allows you to create post-purchase surveys, allowing you to capture valuable feedback right after a customer completes a purchase, enhancing your understanding of the shopping experience.

Can I integrate Trackey with other
marketing tools?

Trackey integrates seamlessly with various marketing tools, including Klaviyo, to enhance your marketing efforts and customer communication strategies. This allows for more targeted and effective campaigns.

Can I add multiple team members to
my plan?

Absolutely yes. You can add unlimited members to any Trackey plan.

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